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Site, Workshop & Office.

Integrated Software for Specialist Contractors.

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"AEI deployed software in early 2016. We have managed our sales and site operations with it since then. The system has proven itself an indispensable tool in helping us to manage our rapidly growing business. I can readily recommend this software for any business involved in on-site installations.

Steven Bray
Managing Director, Alternative Energy Ireland.

Specialist and Sub Contractors

Whether you're installing HVAC, kitchens, windows, landscaping, or any other type of equipment, we can help you manage and add value right across your customer and equipment lifecycle. 


Surveying, installing, or servicing. Mobile phone and tablet interfaces are intuitive for all types of users.


Screen interfaces designed for factory use. Easy to use yet powerful “per job” views that relate to your installation pipeline.


Site and Office connectivity with powerful interfaces for scheduling, tracking, reporting, and much more.

Highly Flexible & Customisable

Modules that can be deployed as you need them or integrated with your existing software.

Customer Relationship Management

Contact Management
Lead and Opportunity Management
Prior Estimates and Jobs
All Prior Installations Done
Inspections Performed on Customer’s Products

Sales Management

Estimate and Quote Management
Order Management
Lead and Opportunity Management
Sales Rep Performance
Sales Metrics

Workshop Management

Job Management
Advanced Scheduling
Process Checks
Quality Management
Issue Tracking
Factory & Office Views

Installation Management

Site Survey
Specifying Components
Work Teams
Advanced Scheduling
Site Inspections & Checks
Installer Interface
Assigning of Personnel
Multiple Locations On Site
Easy Collaboration

Service Management

Incoming Customer Calls
Scheduling of Visits
Quality Checks
Assigning of Personnel
Service Records


Sales Breakdowns
Sales Charting
Sales Performance
Job stoppages
Chart ANY metrics desired

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